SpaceX Brings About Revolution By Reusing Rocket Engine

Elon Musk, a visionary behind the creation of SpaceX is now basking in glory as SpaceX reuses a rocket engine creating history. He declared it as a massive revolution in spaceflight. SpaceX successfully launched used a portion of Falcon 9 rocket and reclaimed it again. The rocket launched a communication satellite for SES into the geosynchronous orbit. It landed on drone ship that was named as ‘Of Course I Love You’.

SpaceX quickly grew since its launch due to the increased demand for satellite launches. SES is one of the important clients for SpaceX as the Luxembourg-based company was using SpaceX services for quite some time. Allegedly, the cost of satellite launch was reduced for SES as it was the first client to launch a satellite using a reused rocket. It is most certainly a massive feat for the rocket launching company that is popular for its innovative technologies.

The launching mission opens up new doors for innovation as it is now possible to reuse an orbit class booster. It is one of the most expensive components of the rocket and reusability will ensure that the launching cost is massively reduced. Musk tweeted hearty congratulations for his team which made it possible. He also said that he hopes that the turnaround time will be reduced to 24 hours for the launches in the future.

Reusing rockets would help SpaceX to reduce the launching costs by 30%. Currently, SpaceX has quoted a starting price of $62 million for rocket launches, which is substantially lower than a majority of the competitors. Reusing rockets would also help the company to reduce the turnaround time. When the launch prices continue to fall, there will be more demand and a quicker turnaround time is beneficial for the company.

SpaceX will become busy as it has to deal with several more launches. The lowering launching cost and quicker turnaround time will make the company a favorite. Many satellite companies are already commercial customers of Space X. It is also hired for launching rockets for the US government including the legendary NASA.

The use of recycled rocket is a marvel for the eye as the rockets sent the nosecone worth $6 million back to earth safely using a parachute. The nosecone splits into two after 4 minutes of liftoff to expose the satellite. The fairing was equipped with thrusters and steerable parachute to land the nosecone safely back. After the initial success, SpaceX plans on six flights using recycled boosters just in this year. The booster used in the current mission was used previously to send food and supplies to the astronauts on the International Space Station.

The famed Falcon Heavy which was scheduled to fly in 2013 will be ready to fly in this year. Elon Musk also wants to experiment if his team can land the upper stage section of the rocket. He admitted that chances of success are very low, but it is worth trying. The company plans on reusing booster for a few different repeat flights.

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